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Effective and simple tricks to accelerate hair growth


tricks to accelerate hair growthHave a long, rich, strong and healthy hair is the dream of many women, but very few can achieve it easily. Perhaps this is because we are not paying the necessary care and sufficient, providing adequate hydration and proper brushing.

This time we will learn together some simple tricks, but very effective in getting our hair has volume, softness and beauty we all desire.

Brushing your hair frequently

Perhaps this is the easiest trick that can implement to achieve have the dream hair, then brush your hair at least three times during the day and for ten or fifteen minutes each time, it is so beneficial to the scalp as a massage I hair done by a professional. This simple task will make the hair grow faster, plus it look stronger and healthier.

Trim the ends often

tricks to accelerate hair growth, trim the endsThis is a recommendation that make us all professionals, but rarely put into practice. It is very important that from now try to heed that advice, since it is actually a very effective trick, since cutting tips hair every three months stimulates the growth of new hair, and help regenerate is a little battered, because when the tips are open can generate some damage extending to the root, causing it to dehydrate affecting all hair in general.

Make massage with hot oil

Perform a massage with hot oil at least twice a week is the best way to correct the damage that has hair , especially when it comes to dry. The oil should be preferably almonds, because this is a product with great natural moisturizing properties that will make the hair look and feel more soft and silky.

Rubbing yeast

tricks to accelerate hair growth, rubbing yeastThe yeast is very effective for a daily scalp massage, simply rub a little leaven throughout the scalp advantage bathtime, so very strong and will grow faster.

Treatment with onions

If you wash your hair with shampoo, which would you mix a floured onion pureed or hair grow much faster, but if you’re worried about the aroma that will have your hair, forget it ! as the smell of onion leaves as dry hair.

Rosemary oil

tricks to accelerate hair growthRosemary oil mixed with olive oil in equal amounts, is heated for two minutes, allowed to stand for two or three days and then be applied to the scalp with a gentle massage after bathing.

Do not use hot water

To prevent hair loss and make this very resistant, must try washing your hair with cold water , because hot water leaves open pores causing the hair to weaken and fall frequently and easily.


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