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10 Hair Loss Causes You Must Know Before Defeating It


Want to defeat Hair Loss? Know its causes!

Hair Loss Causes

There are different hair loss causes and most of these reasons not only let the hair fall out, but the body, undermining the whole. it is important to find out exactly what is the cause of hair loss and to fix them. If the cause is corrected for the hair loss, this problem can be defeated easily.




 Hair Loss Causes You Must Know Before Defeating It

  1. Stress

A common cause of hair loss is stress. Due to stress, the hair roots are not supplied with sufficient nutrients, which cause the hair to fall prematurely. Due to stress and hereditary hair loss increases or circular hair loss can be triggered.

  1. Depressions

Hair Loss Causes

Much stress and depression can cause hair loss. When two potential causes, but one should not rely on that this is the cause of the hair loss, but carefully examine which cause is causing your hair to lose.





  1. Hormone fluctuations

Hair loss occurs in women, especially in phases with strong hormonal fluctuations and changes. Especially typical phases in which women are tending to hair loss. Proper medication and use of some reasonable female hair loss shampoos can overcome this silent battle.

  1. After birth

Most of the women suffer hair loss after having babies. If your disease is due to this reason, than you can relax for a while and confirm its authenticity. If problem persists, go to your doctor and ask him to find out the reason.

  1. Malnutrition

In industrialized countries, although there is almost no hunger due to lack of food supply, but some eating habits can certainly lead to malnutrition, the hair loss may result. Particularly drastic occurs hair loss, if you eat too little or total food excretes too quickly by drastic means.

Examples of such nutritional deficiencies are:

Longer fasts

Strict diets (less than 1000 kcal / day)Hair Loss Causes

Anorexia (anorexia)


Laxative abuse

But even unilateral faulty diets may lead to deficiencies of particularly important vitamins or minerals.

The problem here both diets that are based just on fast food than even supposedly healthy diets that are particularly extreme and where important nutritional conditions are violated, for example, some raw food diets or veganism.

  1. Hair loss may occur when lack of the following vitamins and minerals

Hair Loss Causes




Vitamin A

vitamin B

Vitamin H

Vitamin K


  1. The use of some medications can reason hair loss

Some drugs, such as cytostatics (chemotherapy), it comes at a higher dose almost inevitably leads this disease, while others only in some cases.

The following medications can reason baldness:

CytostaticsHair Loss Causes


Beta blockers

Lipid-lowering agents

Retinoids (vitamin A derivatives, which are used for skin diseases)

Antithyroid (thyroid medication)

Progestogens (contraceptives)

Hormone blockers


  1. Hair loss is sometimes a result of infectious diseases

The following infections may result baldness:







Erysipelas (erysipelas)

Stove Done

Syphilis (in the second and third stage)

Fungal infections

Metabolic diseases – diseases of the endocrine system

Likewise, various hormonal disorders that affect metabolism, reason baldness.

diabetes mellitus

Thyroid disease

Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)

Myxedema (underactive thyroid)

Underactive pituitary gland (pituitary)

Other diseases

Thus, the baldness-causing diseases are not yet known all. The variety of different diseases can reason  baldness:

Anemia (anemia)

Crohn’s disease



Malfunction of the sympathetic nerve

psychological trauma


  1. Some poisonings have also hair loss

Thallium ()





  1. The following hair care measures can have hair loss result

The radiation in radiotherapy and radioactive radiation exposure can lead to baldness. Even hair care measures can strain the hair so that they fall out or break off as a result. If you stop what you can see to it that the fallen hair have no roots, it is not really a hair loss, bald spots but you can get them yet. The hair will grow in this case, but quite normal again.

Hair Loss Causes


Hair Loss Causes


Hair Loss Causes




We have suggested above the main causes of hair loss according to our knowledge and studies. Hope that you will find the cause of your hair loss. If not, then check out your physician and write us cause other than these. Write your causes below in comments. We’ll love to hear your cause. Comment more so that we can help as maximum people as we can to stop hair loss.


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