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Aldactone for Hair Loss


This is a hair loss treatment for women. Those who have hair loss because of hormone imbalance. It works for a majority of the customers and they gave positive feedback.

Nature of the Problem

Some women lose hair because they have a more male hormone in them. We have both testosterone and estrogen but both genders have more and less of each. More testosterone means there is DHT that inhibits the follicles and makes hair fall.

In the case of women, there is no concept of baldness, only hair thinning. The hairline recedes and becomes uneven. This is also called androgenic hair loss and it becomes worse after menopause.

Unbalanced hormones cause this condition and make hair fall. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome have more androgen in their blood, this can make them grow facial hair, Adam’s apple and cause metabolism issues.

What is Aldactone?

This not an official hair loss treatment, just a side option and off label product. Aldactone has potassium-sparing diuretics, meaning it rids the body of excess unwanted fluids. But it does not make you lose potassium so don’t worry. This is usually for treating swelling, high BP and potassium deficiency.

Aldactone is anti-androgenic, this is good for women with excess androgen in their system. The formula inhibits the ovaries and adrenal glands and slows androgen production. Parallel to this, it also stops the side effects of androgen. By preventing the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT, a byproduct of testosterone), which normally binds to the androgen receptors and inhibit hair follicles.

This won’t make you grow new hair, rather make the existing hair thicker and healthier.

Pro and Cons of Aldactone

Like all else, everything has its good and bad points. We will describe in detail so you find it easier to make a decision.

The Pros

  • Deciding to use Aldactone is easy: If your dermatologist knows that androgen is the reason. A simple blood test will let them know and help you decide.
  • Direct aim at the issue: It stops the production of DHT and prevents it from binding to androgenic agents. Aldactone fights the excess hormones that cause the problem. Additionally, unwanted body hair shed too and it helps clear up acne.
  • Affordable: For just $30, you will get a month’s supply at your doorstep.
  • It can be taken with other medicines.

The Cons

  • It will make you urinate more frequently. As a diuretic, the excess hormones are excreted via urine. It is not an issue if you take the 100mg dose, any higher amount triggers faster removal and more urine production. About 90 min after taking it will make you go to the bathroom.
  • May disturb your menstrual cycle: Since this formula is interfering with your hormones, it will affect your cycles. Some doctors advise taking birth control pills to regulate the system. Just don’t get pregnant while taking Aldactone.
  • It may lower your blood pressure because of hormone removal.
  • To be on the safer side, tell your doctor about any other medicines that you might be taking.

Don’t be afraid of seeing your doctor and talking about the issue. If you have hair fall issue, start treatment as soon as possible to control the issue.

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