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[Doori] Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki Gold Energizing Shampoo (500ml) for Hair Loss, Thin Hair, Gray Hair Prevention and Treatment, Medicinal Herbal Shampoo, All Natural, Korea’s No. 1 Hair and Scalp Care Brand. Doori’s First Generation product, it is specifically for oily hair and sebum control on the scalp.


Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki Gold Energizing Shampoo

It’s far a mild progressed product this is advanced by means of including the materials of inexperienced tea and changpo (Acoruscalamus Linne), which have features of anti-oxidation, pores and skin safety, and heavy metal removal, and detoxing, to Gi-Gold Product. By making medicinal natural odor softer, this product appeals to both old and young customers. It’s far a product for all family participants. Upgraded medicinal herbal extracts growth the moisture holding capacity of the hair and panthenol could make broken hair into wet and smooth.

How can use this

  •  Customers who want to prevent hair loss by means of using hair loss preventive purpose herbal medication Shampoo.
  • Customers who need wholesome hair.
  • Clients who want smooth hair with elasticity.
  • Purchasers who need to offer nutrients to hair thru natural remedy extracts.

A way to Use

1st use: Apply moderate quantity and Shampoo to get rid of overseas materials on scalp and hair and smooth scalp and hair.

2nd use: Upon creating foams by means of making use of suitable amount on wet hair, softly rubdown the use of fingertips for scalp and hands for hair and punctiliously rinse in lukewarm water.

More Details:

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