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Homemade shampoo to prevent hair loss


There are seasons when we noticed that the hair falls to us more often. It is further weakened, with open, crisp tips … we lose and do not know what to do. The hair loss is due to many causes, ranging from genetic factors or stress problems. A simple way to take care of him and bring you strength is through proper treatment. We explain how to make your own shampoo anti-caída.¡Es very simple and inexpensive!

How to make my own homemade shampoo for hair loss?

1We know this is really worrying. In the case of men almost always due to hereditary factors, an inherited shadow from parents to children that it is difficult to avoid. But in the case of us, factors tend to be more varied, and fortunately in many cases are reversible if we correct habits of life, where we include more vitamins and where better care for our food. But let ‘s see what we usually cause in hair loss:

  • Hormonal problems, metabolic changes …
  • Lack of iron or other minerals, vitamin E deficiency
  • Problems stress or anxiety.
  • Presence of dandruff, or even clogging sebum hair follicle.
  • Excess testosterone associated with certain diseases …

1. What do I need to shampoo anti-fall?


  • Well, the first thing we need is a natural shampoo with a pH neutral. We will use the base to include other elements, hence, for example, it well – suited those normally used for babies. Often the most natural market. Just a small bottle, the standard we find in stores.
  • To develop our anticaída Shampoo, we will use the essential oil ofIt ‘s great to reactivate blood flow, contributing strength to our hair. We also need lemon essential oil. It is a great antiseptic and refreshing.
  • We will also need two caplets ofvitamin E. The natural can find in stores and pharmacies. It is a basic and ideal to combat hair loss component. It offers very good result.

2. How do I prepare?

It’s simple, you just have to throw in the neutral shampoo ten drops of essential oil of rosemary, and ten of lemon essential oil. Then do not forget toadd the two capsules of vitamin E. We shake the bottle of shampoo and we list.

The importance of this anti-fall hair, shampoo is that you use frequently so at least every other day no. You must aplicártelo with wet hair and exercise massage the scalp for at least 10 minutes. Then, allowed to act for another 10. in the end, rinsed with (never hot) water. You see how simple? It is a refreshing shampoo, with elements that will activate the circulation and regenerating the strength of your hair.

Lotion for hair loss, ideal for after shampooing

3Nettle. The Nettle is an ideal way to strengthen our hair and fight his fall medicinal plant . In pharmacies and natural stores you will find many prepared with this ingredient for hair care. There are lotions, shampoos .. .. a wide range which offers very good results.

We offer a simple recipe for you to benefit from it, and you use it after making use of the above shampoo. Take note:

We get 6 sheets of nettle and make an infusion, a simple infusion as we take every afternoon. A cup of boiling water, we take until it reaches a boil and allow torest 10 minutes. What we strain and let cool slightly. Better be warm to cool completely.

Okay, once you’ve already washed your hair with shampoo, and you’ve rinsed, leaves this fall and nettle infusion yourself a little massage again . At least 10 minutes. Remember that this nettle based lotion does not need to be rinsed afterwards. That is, we need only make us this massage for ten minutes and then leave to dry hair. If you dry your hair with hair seeks the temperature is not very high, since we usually dry and damage the hair.

You can wash your hair with shampoo along alternate days, while this excellent lotion based nettle, you can use it twice a week . Be consistent and see the results.


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