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How to Encourage Hair Growth


Most reasons for hair fall are beyond our control. Factors like genetics/heredity, diseases and hormone imbalance are not something we can change at will.

But there are times when we are the ones doing damage to them and we don’t even notice it. There are a few ways we can prevent damage to our hair and scalp. Making a change in the hair care routine will help them stay on our heads longer.

Hairstyle Change

Hair accessories like hair bands, clips and even rubber bands are bad for your hair. They keep hair tight in one place and cause breakage. Tying your hair tight, braiding and pulling can create tension in hair strands and cause them to break. Hair experts suggest not pulling your hair back too hard and not tie them too long in one position. Consider buying elastic bands with cloth covering to reduce friction. Get hair clips with rubber pads and use soft hair bands. Do not keep your hair tied while you sleep.

Eat more Iron in Diet

If you are deficient in iron, your hair will fall. In a checkup, sample of your blood will be taken to determine what you have in your blood. An easy remedy for this is to increase foods that are rich in iron. Have more foods like spinach, livers, oysters, clams, iron based cereal, red beans and pumpkin seeds. If you have food allergies then consult your doctor, do not take supplements without approval from a medical specialist.

Don’t Brush too Much

While combing and brushing is good, but excess of anything is bad. Ignore the “brush a 100 times before sleeping” myth because the continuous pulling makes the roots weak. Brush once a day and not more than 5 strokes. Best is to set it in place and leave them as it is.

Get a Professional Checkup

Sometimes we need professional help to find out why hair is falling. It is best to start treatment as soon as possible before things get out of hand. A good dermatologist will review your medical history and try to find the exact reason for your problem. In case of infection,  a sample of your skin will be taken for a biopsy, sometimes a blood test will be required. This will provide more information.

Let Hair Dry On Their Own

Heat drying your hair can do a lot of damage. Making them weak and prone to damage. When you blow dry your hair on high heat, the water in the roots and hair shaft boils and cause damage to the surrounding cells. Also rubbing wet hair dry is also a bad idea because hair is soft and weak at the roots till the skin dries. Dont comb or brush either, just let them be.

Use Less Shampoo

No it does not mean don’t use at all or stop bathing. But rather bathe after 2 days and use an herbal shampoo and conditioner. Most commercial shampoos have sulfates and parabens in them. These do more harm than good  and rob your hair of moisture and minerals.

Take Care of your Hair

Not everyone has luscious long locks but that does not mean we neglect what we have. Hair care is very important if you want to keep them on your head. Twice a week apply almond/olive/coconut oil in your hair and massage thoroughly. Then leave overnight and wash in the morning. This is a topical remedy that will keep your hair moisturized, soft and strong.

We cant change genes but we can change the way we treat our hair. Sometimes all it takes is care and concern to keep most problems away.

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