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Rejuvalex Hair Growth Supplement


Rejuvalex is a dietary supplement designed to promote hair growth and maintain its health. Their vitalized formula helps restore your youthful texture, appearance, and abundance. It comes with a hair loss preventing mechanism.

The product is formulated just for men. It solves numerous hair related problems such as hair fall, breakage, baldness, and thinning. It revives and reactivates your hair follicles to promote optimal hair regrowth.

It increases your hair volume and thickness by improving your blood circulation thus supplying your scalp with essential minerals and nutrients. It contains silica and collagen that enhance your appearance by promoting a clearer and smoother skin.

Manufacturer Information and Claims

Rejuvalex supplement is made in the United States. The manufacturers claim that their products help you to solve numerous hair related issues. They claim to restore your hair’s youthful appearance, abundance, volume, shine and texture when used as instructed.

The manufacturer claims that this supplement can help in boosting the growth of hair in ninety days. They also claimed that this product is composed of ingredients that have been tested in labs to stimulate natural hair growth without causing any side effects to your hair and skin.

Rejuvalex Ingredients

Rejuvalex supplements work in four stages. The first stage is Anagen, which is activated when you ingest (swallow) the pills. The formula stimulates the release of oils and restorative compounds to your scalp that supports the growth of a healthier hair.

The second stage is Catagen, which helps prevent hair loss and damage. This is by strengthening your hair from the roots.

The third stage is Telogen where the formula activates and re-energizes your hair follicles promoting prominent hair growth.

The fourth stage is Exogen that helps prevent hair loss, during this stage, the vitamins and minerals nourishes your scalp.

Below are some of the ingredients that help it to accomplish its function.

Biotin:  It helps to restore the elasticity of your skin and hair follicles, while preventing hair breakage and damage. It also helps to promote the regrowth of your hair and protect and activate dormant hair follicles.

Vitamin C – It helps boost your collagen level and promote the absorption of iron into the blood. This ensures that your hair remains healthy, stronger by receiving the essential nourishment.

Beta Carotene – It is rich in antioxidants that help to prevent damage by free radicles or UV light. Vitamin A protects your hair and ensures that it remains strong, thick, and full.

Folic Acid – It helps to speed up the process of cell division. This contributes to prominent and healthy hair growth.

Silica – It helps to promote balanced hormone levels. It also restores your hair’s thickness and overall health.

The Pros of Rejuvalex

  • The product makes hair longer and stronger.
  • It helps nourish your hair and revive the growth cycle.
  • It helps to restore your hair texture, volume, and youthful appearance.
  • Men of all ages, health levels and hair type/conditions can use it.
  • It helps curb male pattern baldness, combat hair loss, breakage, and thinning.
  • It restores your hair follicle to promote hair regrowth.
  • It helps to repair split ends that otherwise give a rough and untidy appearance.
  • The company offers 60-day money back guarantee.

The Cons of Rejuvalex

  • There is less clinical proof to support the authenticity of trials, validity of the nature of ingredients and published material.
  • It is expensive.
  • If you are not satisfied by this product, on return you will be charged with a restocking fee of $9.99 and the cost of sending it back to the manufacturer.
  • This product does not have any third-party recommendation or a strong support base.

Final Verdict

Rejuvalex is a high-quality, and safe hair restoration product that provides you with effective hair care support. It solves numerous hair problems in men such as hair loss and male pattern balding. It boosts hair health and overall gives you the youthful and healthy appearance you long for.

It is a dietary supplement that contains ingredients that soothe the cells of the scalp, restore the damaged follicles and help in regrowth of the hair. This product hydrates the skin, preventing any damage and naturally makes your hair thick.

When taken in the right dosages it will give you the desired results without causing any irritation on your skin. Despite all this we still recommend you do further research before you consider buying this

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