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Reviews for Nizoral Hair Loss Shampoo


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Some of my friends asked me to write about Nizoral (Ketoconazole) Shampoo for Hair Loss in Men and Women. Below are some introductions and details about the best products available in the market.

What is Nizoral

Nizoral is the topical 2% ketoconazole liquid preparation manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutical.

What is Ketoconazole and what is its use

Ketoconazole is a synthetic drug known for its broad antifungal properties. It is an antifungal which decreases the level of fungi. Ketoconazole has been used to treat fungus diseases, specifically on the skin and nails. Mostly it is used for individuals who don’t have a strong immune system, for example, HIV patients and patients undertaking chemotherapy treatment. The antifungal medication is sold under brand names, for example, Nizoral shampoo Johnson & Johnson. The medicine is sold in different forms, including anti-dandruff product, topical cream, and tables.


Ketoconazole Research Laboratory has discovered this drug in 1976. After that, this is tested under different clinical phases and then it was green flagged to be sold all around the United States. It was formally released for business distribution and use in 1981 with the FDA approval.

How Do Shampoos that Contain Ketoconazole Work?

Many individuals didn’t understand the uses and abuses of ketoconazole, its uses for hair loss and how it works for men hair loss treatment. Ketoconazole pills and topical forms are available in the market. Ketoconazole tablets are utilized as an antifungal agent to treat a wide range of skin diseases.

Ketoconazole in shampoos, dispose of scalp conditions, for example, dandruff. It does this by assassinating fungi and yeasts that develop on the scalp. Ketoconazole prevents the fungi from delivering ergosterol and without ergosterol, cell membranes can’t survive. It is presented as an antifungal pill for those individuals who have dandruff or a skin problem causing fungi.

Ketoconazole and Hair Loss

Some Nizoral shampoo analyses proved about the treatment of hair loss. Research led in 1998 told that shampoo with 2% of ketoconazole could increase hair density. In any case, examinations are not thorough and different trials have been performed after that, these tests uncover that the Nizoral is empowering your scalp and can be utilized to essentially push back the impacts of hair loss.

Antifungal Resistance

A few sorts of fungi were seen to be not influenced to the medication and in this way won’t treat diseases created by fungi. Specifically, in HIV, the medication was noted as being effectively opposed by diverse yeast diseases, for example, Candida albicans. This resistance has been clarified as mushroom mutations while the synthesis procedure. Accordingly, if the disease doesn’t cure after treatment, consult your doctor and ask him to prescribe medicine according to your skin.

Medication side effects

Nizoral shampoo has mild side effects in some patients, including skin dryness and oiliness or excessive dryness of hair and scalp. For other types of mediation, there is itching and possible skin rash, especially with the cream and other side effects, including excessive irritation or sting like effects that begin with the use of the drug. If you have concerns about side effects, you should discuss with your doctor. You should also alert the physician if side effects that they come in order to have them recommend a solution for side effects. However, overall, these side effects are very rare and occur only about 1% of users.

Below is the best shampoos list based on reviews of users from all around the globe.

Best Shampoos with Ketoconazole for Hair Loss

Below are the top 5 best shampoos who dominated the field of hair loss. Each of them has a decent amount of ketoconazole in their formulation. If you want to decide as quickly as possible to choose which Nizoral product to use, then we can help you below in this regard.

1. Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

nizoral shampoo hair loss reviewsnizoral shampoo hair loss reviewsLooking for a best and straight ketoconazole shampoo? Don’t look anywhere else, Nizoral for hair loss is the shampoos of this era to decrease dandruff and scalp DHT. It is a cheap product and it doesn’t have a wide long ingredient list. Nizoral for hair loss have a simple formula and its major energetic element is the ketoconazole.

There are numerous hypotheses on how precisely Nizoral battles hair loss, however, it does three things at the same time. It scrubs the scalp, it has anti-fungal material, and it additionally stops androgen receptors. All of the above mentioned have a huge influence in the most critical element of all: diminishing inflammation.

Nizoral has been a standout amongst the most admired ketoconazole shampoos for a long while and is accessible over the counter in a 1% solution. The main drawback we noticed about Nizoral is that a few people encountering rashes and skin disturbance. This could be because of the sodium lauryl sulfate Nizoral contains. Generally, this compound is not an issue, but rather when you permit it to sit on your scalp for 5+ minutes that may bring about some irritation and drying.

  • Approximate Cost: $0.07 Per mL
  • Instructions for Use: 2x/week
  • Ketoconazole Content: 1% OTC, 2% w/ prescription

2. Lipogaine Big 3 Premium Hair Loss Shampoo
nizoral shampoo hair loss reviewsnizoral shampoo hair loss reviewsLipogaine Big 3 is another magnificent item that does exclude sodium lauryl sulfate. A further advantage of Lipogaine is that it is a volumizing product, so it makes the hair look extraordinary too.

The elements line up in the Big 3 is strong. Copper peptides and biotin are additionally included, which are building squares of hair and numerous individuals claim they offer your hair some assistance with growing more hair. It contains niacin, which expands bloodstream to the scalp. Wheat proteins, Vitamin-B6, and Zinc are another vital piece of Big 3 and have some clinical confirmation that these three helps to decrease scalp DHT.

It contains the typical suspect elements saw palmetto, citrus extract, nettle root extract, red clover, which are generally incorporated into natural DHT blocker items. There is still no hard confirmation that they will piece DHT, however, surely they couldn’t do any harm. Numerous hair loss item makers incorporate these elements in their products.

Lipogaine also incorporated a modest bunch of saturating elements. It contains emu oil, important oils, and castor oil. This will offer you some assistance with maintaining a saturated scalp.

  • Approximate Cost: $0.11 Per mL
  • Instructions for Use: 2-3x/week, Leave in 3-5 minutes before rinsing
  • Ketoconazole Content: 1%

3. Regenepure DR Hair Loss Shampoo

nizoral shampoo hair loss reviews

This is another fabulous product that has a significant number of different ingredients tossed in. Regenepure DR Hair Loss Shampoo does exclude sodium lauryl sulfate. It equalizes the ketoconazole with other ingredients like emu oil and aloe vera which are nice anti-inflammatories. Regenepure’s answer additionally incorporates saw palmetto which has different clinical studies indicated guarantee as a chemical-free DHT blocker.

Other notables include niacin, which improves blood flow to the scalp and salicylic acid which helps clear your pores of dirt and sebum. If you have a sensitive scalp, this is going to be a lot easier on it on your scalp. And while not clinically proven like ketoconazole, the other ingredients found in Regenpure have shown promise in a variety of independent studies. If you have a touchy scalp, this will be a great deal to use it on your scalp.

Regenepure has taken the scattershot approach with its ingredients. These ingredients may or may not help but at the very worst they will help promote healthily. Furthermore, many of the ingredients have been shown to benefit the hair and promote healthy resilient hair follicles. The bottom line is your still purchase this shampoo for the key ingredient which is ketoconazole, everything else is a side benefit. Regenepure has brought the scattershot methodology with their ingredients.

  • Approximate Cost: $0.10 Per mL
  • Instructions for Use: Use Daily
  • Ketoconazole Content: 1%

4. Perfect Hair Regrowth Shampoo

nizoral shampoo hair loss reviewsnizoral shampoo hair loss reviewsAt first look, the fixing rundown for Perfect Hair’s cleanser appears to be really great.

From what it sounds like, Perfect Hair has upped their game since a few years ago. They built a new FDA compliant facility and are now manufacturing the product there. They back each batch and bottle with a quality guarantee.

From what it sounds like, Perfect Hair has increased their amusement for a couple of years back. They assembled another FDA agreeable office and are currently fabricating the item there. They back every bunch and container with quality assurance.

  • Approximate Cost: $0.09 Per mL
  • Instructions for Use: 2-3x/week, Leave in 3-5 minutes before rinsing
  • Ketoconazole Content: 1%

5. DS Laboratories Revita Hair Stimulating Shampoo

nizoral shampoo hair loss reviewsnizoral shampoo hair loss reviewsRevita is an item by DS Laboratories that additionally contains ketoconazole. People like the surface result of Revita shampoo. We have a top to the bottom survey of Revita in the event that you are occupied with this item. The drawback to the item is that it is entirely spent.

  • Approximate Cost: $0.11 Per mL
  • Instructions for Use: Use at least 5x/week, Leave in 3-5 minutes before rinsing
  • Ketoconazole Content: 1%


Nizoral and Ketoconazole are proven products against causes of hair fall. These reviews are collected randomly. Guys who are thinking about how to stop their hair loss can choose one according to their need and avoid your hair saying you bye bye.


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